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Questions & Answers about Developmental Disabilities & What We Do


Q.  What is "Developmental Disabilities"?

A.   Physical or mental disabilities which a person is born with or incurs prior to the age of 22 which are considered serious enough to interfere with a child's intellectual and/or physical development.


Q.   What is a "Behavior Support Plan"?

A.   A plan developed by psychological professionals and a support team to provide positive structure, reinforcement and redirection for inappropriate behavior.


Q.  What type of facility are you?

A.   We are not a facility, we provide support services to people living in their own homes.


Q.  Do you have Group Homes?

A    No, we do not operate any type of facility, we supply support staff to persons in their own homes.


Q.  What about Day Programming?

A.   We do not provide day programming, but many of our clients attend different day programming options.  We do provide transportation to and from various day programming facilities.


Q.   Who are you accountable to?

A.   ECHO is accountable to the County Board of the county in which our client resides, to Medicaid, and to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and must follow all rules, regulations and laws, local, state, and federal, concerning the provision of services to persons with Developmental Disabilities

Q.   How do I go about getting services from you for myself or my family member?

A.   Contact your County Board of Disabilities concerning services.  When you choose your provider, you may choose ECHO to provide your homemaker/personal care services.


Q.   I have elderly parents.  Can you provide services to them?

A.   ECHO does not provide services to the aged community unless they are developmentally disabled.  There are many companies and independent providers who do provide quality care services to the aged, and you should contact your local area Agency on Aging under the Ohio Department of Aging for more information.


Q.   Do you work with kids?

A.   No, generally our clients are adults, aged 18 and older.


Q.  I have a sibling with disabilities and my parent has just passed away.  What do I do first?

A.  Contact your local County Board of Developmental Disabilities immediately.  If your sibling is already receiving services, they will help you understand what your new role may be.  If your sibling is not receiving services, they will help you and your sibling enroll in services and explain what is available in the way of help.  Good luck!


Questions & Answers About Employment


Q.  Do I need a college degree to work for you?

A.  No, but you do need a high school diploma or GED.


Q.  Do you hire STNAs?

A.  ECHO does not have any positions requiring STNA certification.


Q.  When and how are your employees paid?

A.  Our employees are paid twice a month, on the 15th and 30th, or if these days are on weekends or holidays, the last weekday (Monday through Friday) prior.  We pay by Direct Deposit into the employee's bank account, either checking or savings and can split the employee's paycheck between bank accounts if the employee so desires.  If the employee does not have a bank account, direct deposit can be made to a credit or debit card.


Q.  Why do you require background checks for your employees?

A.  The State of Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and County Boards of DD require that we hire only staff members who can pass State of Ohio/FBI background checks for the safety of our clients.  ECHO reimburses the cost of the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) background check to the new employee after s/he has worked for us for 60 days.


Q.  Why do you require your employees to have a car and car insurance? Why do I need an Ohio driver's license instead of my out of state license?

A.  ECHO staff members are required to transport clients to appointments, day programming, work, shopping and recreational activities. Even if the staff member works at night, transportation might be required in an emergency or first thing in the morning. The staff member must therefore have his/her own vehicle to transport clients, and that vehicle must be insured.  By rule and regulation, the staff member must have an in-state, Ohio driver's license, and can have no more than 5 points on that license.  ECHO reimburses mileage driven. 


Q.  Why must I obtain a driver's license abstract?

A.  ECHO must verify that each staff member's Ohio driver's license is valid and  has no more than 5 points.  The best way to do so is to obtain a driver's license abstract.  In addition, a staff member working in Delaware County may be called upon to take Delaware County Board of DD Van Training and operate a county vehicle to transport an individual with a wheel/power chair.  The staff member's driver's license must satisfy Delaware County Board of DD's rules and insurance requirements in that situation and a current copy of the employee's driver abstract is required.  ECHO reimburses new employees for the cost of obtaining a driving abstract after s/he has been employed for 60 days, and reimburses current employees in the next paycheck.


Q.  Do you run credit checks on job applicants?

A.  No.


Q.  What benefits do you offer?

A.  All employees qualify for paid time off.  ECHO pays holiday time for 5 holidays per year and overtime pay for more than 40 hours per week worked. We reimburse mileage on the job, meals and expenses incurred while accompanying clients on excursions, and training costs for CPR and First Aid. We do not reimburse commuting to and from training or to and from worksites unless the mileage one way exceeds a certain distance or the staff member is driving from one site to another for back-to-back shifts.


Q.  What do you pay?

A.  Our starting rate is competitive with other providers in the area.  Raises are based on job reviews.


Q.  Who do I talk to about getting a job with your organization?

A.  To apply for a job with ECHO you need to fill out an application or send us your resume.  You can stop by our office, Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to

3 p.m., to fill out the application, or download it from our site at the "Employment" page.  You can fax your completed application or resume to us at 614-436-3116, mail it to our office at 6500 Busch Boulevard, Suite 215, Columbus, OH  43229, or email your resume to us at [email protected]. Please check out our "Employment" page.


Q.  What do I need to get a job at ECHO?

A.  You must be at least 18 years old, you need a clean criminal background, a valid Ohio driver's license with no more than 5 points, a reliable car, car insurance, a high school diploma or GED, and some familiarity or experience with persons with disabilities.  You will also need, but we can help you obtain, CPR and First Aid certification.  We will train you in Medication Administration, Major Unusual Incidents, Individual Rights and numerous other areas.  You need the right temperament and attitude for this work - patience, understanding, empathy, attention to detail and a cheerful and friendly outlook.  A sense of humor is also a big help!