Everyone Can Have Opportunity


ECHO stands for "Everyone Can Have Opportunity" which sums up our philosophy of providing supports. Before "self-determination" became an official policy it was ECHO's policy to promote each individual's opportunities for a full and rewarding life and individual life choices.  From the time ECHO began with one individual in Delaware County in1992, our reason for being was not just to run a business but to run this kind of business the right way for the right reasons.  We have grown from one owner/support specialist and one individual in one county to a much larger organization today, remaining faithful to and supporting this philosophy of opportunity for those we serve. Helping to promote independence, it's our job to work ourselves out of a job!


Personal Care                             Budgeting                                Nutrition

Home Safety                               Bill Payment                             Physical Health Activities

Housekeeping                             Apartment Hunting                   Meal Preparation

Socialization                                Appointment Scheduling           Shopping

Medication Management             Meetings & Activities                Doctor/Dentist Visits

Transportation                             Meal Planning                           -- Any Other Daily, Weekly, or

Recreation                                  Community Activities                Monthly Activity - Just Ask Us!


Delaware County Board of DD               Alpha Industries, Inc.             Nisonger Center
Franklin County Board of DD                 Creative Housing                   APSI of Ohio  

Lucas County Board of DD                     ARC Industries                      ERGON

Morrow County Board of DD                  GoodWill Industries               Recreation Unlimited

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Camping Trips at State Parks; Cincinnati/Newport, KY Aquarium & Columbus Zoo; Disney World; Niagara Falls; Caribbean Cruise; Casino at Wheeling & Christmas Lights at Ogle Bay, WV


The ECHO Team
We are proud of the people who work for us and for you. And ECHO makes a strong effort to employ honest, caring, hard-working, ethical, and well-trained support specialists.  ECHO also supervises our direct support employees very closely, far beyond the standard practice of many providers. We are meticulous in following all rules and procedures and reporting any and all incidents, again, far beyond the practice of many providers.

ECHO's Administrative Team Collectively Includes:

  • B.S. degree in Social Work/Psychology
  • 50 years professional work experience in       residential & supported living
  • 100's of hours of additional training and   educational coursework completed
  • Individual with developmental   disability employed as part-time fileclerk   for more than 15 years

Our Support Specialists' Qualifications

ECHO's  support specialists have complied with all Ohio laws, Franklin County Board of DD, and Delaware County Board of DD rules and regulations and have completed additional training required by ECHO  We don't go easy on our support specialists - they have to be committed to the job! Nearly all of our employees train for 12 hours before they even meet an individual then they train for 3 or 4 more hours at the person's home.  If all goes well, the support specialist returns to undergo another 15 hours of training as soon as it can be scheduled. Support specialists must continue ongoing training of at least 12 hours per year, Delaware County van drivers must train every year for 1 hour and CPR and First Aid certification must be maintained.  ECHO also requires periodic training and retraining of our support specialists.  Additionally many support specialists are currently attending college and/or have many hours of college level courses and we employ support specialists of all ages from 20 to 68.  Some have been with us for over 15 years!

Our support specialists have 1000's of hours of direct support experience and are committed to the individuals whose needs they serve.

ECHO Residential Support, Inc.

more than 25 years
 of caring